The Deepink Tattooz is the largest and first and only tattoo studio in Kerala to get ISO certification. Our team understands the core values attached to each tattoo and its utmost importance of maintaining originality and authenticity of each tattoo design, and to achieve this, we always look forward to collaborating with artists from various backgrounds around the world to bring the best custom tattoo designs for our clients.

You are looking at the work of one of the largest tattoo studio in Kerala, run by a team of extremely talented tattoo artists.

We are known for our hyper-realistic work and our unique designs that stand “exceptional” from what’s ordinary. From minimalist tattoos that are adorable to massive designs turning into your style statement, we are here to give life to the tattoo of your dreams.

Deepink Tattooz has made a mark in the global tattoo industry through exhibiting breath-taking creative tattoos and exceptional customer service.

When it comes to tattoo hygiene, we use top quality of Inks, authentic tattoo machines and needles, tattoo hygiene is followed as per the standards of USA There is no government body to control the quality of tattooing in India as of now.

This was possible only with the support of these brands which trust in us as consider us as one of the Best Tattoo Artists in India.

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