The Deepink tattoo studio is the first tattoo studio in Kerala to get ISO certification and are known for our hyperrealistic work and our unique designs that stand “exceptional” from what’s ordinary.

The Deepink tattoo studio has highly talented artists they are good at their own skill and have a proper knowledge about how to design and finalize a tattoo. All of the artists are licensed tattoo artists and we are also praticed under Kuldeep Krishna at Deepink Art School which is the first institute to get an ISO certificate and number one tattoo institute in Kerala .

The Deepink Tattooz is owned by Kuldeep Krishna, an award winning tattoo artist with an exceptional skill and passion towards the art of body ink. His career began under the training of the talented Sunny Bhanushali , who is one of the best tattoo designers in India.

These are quality of work have been done by artists they are well talented and experience in these field and they make your’s dream tattoo with well finished look . They are under the guidence of Kuldeep who was very talented tattoo artist in kerala.

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